The drinktec picture puzzle: In which country am I?

Where do you find us?

Into the next round!
Admittedly, the first photo was very simple and just right to get warmed up, don’t you agree? Huge milk and juice packages – almost everyone immediately thought of the USA.
Now it’s already getting trickier. In the second part of our picture puzzle on beverage packaging across all continents, we are taking a closer look at another country.

Flashy colors, a variety of juices and numerous exotic variants: a large selection is definitely available there. Of course, the mandatory kiwi juice cannot be missing.

But the question remains: In which country am I?

The drinktec tip: It’s not the USA! 🙂

Here’s wishing you lots of fun guessing, and don’t miss the chance to see answer in any case!

drinktec Blog-Team

drinktec Blog-Team

The drinktec team writes reports on everything to do with drinktec and gives insights into what is going on behind the scenes of the trade fair.

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