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Tasting-Team from European Beer Star 2016

International beer awards gain importance

The rapid expansion of the craft beer market has seen a surge in the number of international competitions, not least here in Germany where awards are seeing record numbers of applications year after year. This year’s drinktec will play host to the presentation ceremony for the winners of the European Beer Star.

an equipment for homebrewing

Something is brewing in home kettles

In basements, laundry rooms, and garages, a new trend is taking hold: Increasing numbers of amateur brewers are producing their own beers at home. These days, there are even competitions and festivals for these experimental brews, as well as a dedicated area at drinktec. Thus began the craft beer movement in the USA: young people were tired of drinking similar...

Max Senner (left) and Bryan France from Yankee & Kraut

American-Bavarian brewing power

Here on the drinktec blog, we are going to start taking a regular look at the most significant newcomers to the craft beer scene. This time it’s the turn of the innovative start-up ‘Yankee & Kraut’ from Ingolstadt, which will be presenting its creative brews at the place2beer in Hall B1.

a small glass of beer

Sour beer – a forgotten beer style brought back to life

Whether it’s lambic, Berliner Weisse, or gose: Sour beers are currently enjoying more international popularity than ever before. But what makes them so special? Sour beer only exists in Belgium: or at least that’s what most beer drinkers think. In actual fact, these highly aromatic brews have a long tradition here in Germany. In Berlin, for example, ‘Berliner Weisse’ was...

Hops - The Soul of Beer

Aroma Hops on the Rise

Hops are the spirit of beer, and now the craft beer movement is giving new impetus to the global hop market. More and more new breeds of “green gold” are not only lending beers a tangy, bitter flavor, but are also opening up a whole new range of aromas.

a bavarian meal in the evening

Enjoyable Combinations

Specialty beers are increasingly becoming the drink of choice to accompany cheese rather than wine. Combining cheese with selected beers is giving connoisseurs a whole new flavor experience.

many beer bottles

Witbier—the White Beer Trend with a Difference

Belgium probably has the oldest beer culture in the world. Until recently, however, some historic styles were in danger of dying out altogether. Thankfully, they are now experiencing a true renaissance—with Witbier at the forefront—and are particularly popular internationally among young consumers.

New Star in the Craft Beer Sky

Here on the drinktec blog, we are going to start taking a regular look at the most significant newcomers to the craft beer scene. First up is “Frau Gruber” a craft startup from Augsburg. Enzo Frauenschuh and his partner Matthias Gruber are currently among the most creative newcomers to the craft beer scene. The two pals from Augsburg have known...

beer and chips

Porter – Back from the Brink to Fashionable Drink

For many years, porter was Britain’s national drink, before a tragic accident led to this dark beer all but disappearing from the menu. But now porter is experiencing a renaissance worldwide. For a long time, porter was regarded as an extinct beer type, And could only be found flowing through the occasional tap in some of England’s pubs. However, thanks...

some beer and something good to eat

Craft Beer to Complement Your Meal

These days, when dining at a high-class restaurant, you may find that you are offered more than just the traditional wine list: top chefs are discovering that craft beers also make an ideal accompaniment, and can even add some extra kick to their dishes. Craft beer is causing a real stir in the restaurant trade. With a huge variety of...